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Photos of My Bus

Photos are thumbnails, Click on the images to see a bigger picture.

my bus
my bus
my bus
my bus
my bus
my bus
my bus
my bus

My Engine Code:

GE 050442
This is for a 70 hp, 2.0L (1970cc), with square port (Vanagon) heads.

My M-code plate

92 081 939
9832 ED D03 P27 005 764
04 2 7484 UT 231961

My Mcode plate decoded:
The first row of numbers is the chassis number. The first character is the year. The second digit is always 2. This is an extra number that was used to distinguish 70's and 60's chassis numbers. The '2' would turn into a '3' as soon as 1 milion vehicles of this model had been produced. This never happened with the Transporter production.

Now we know we are dealing with the 81,939th Kombi built in 1979. Remember, VW models years started in August of the previous year.

The second row has exterior, interior, along with the actual mcodes. My bus decodes as 9832=Le1m mexico beige paint, ED= Cloth camping brown beige, D03 is an unknown mcode (this code stands for a group of mcodes. It has to do with things standard for the US market), P27=Westfalia deluxe interior type, 005=Heater outlet in rear seat, and 764 is for the catalyst retrofit (converter).

The last row has the production date, import port, and other info. The 04=fourth week, 2=second day of the week. This makes the date 01/23/79. 7484 is a code related to production planning, UT = tourist delivery program, (someone normally picked it up in Germany and exported it later), 2319 = Kombi, left hand drive, sliding door right, and 61 is something about the 2.0L/4spd drivetrain in a Campmobile.

Click here to decode your mcode plate at
Vincent Molenaar's Volkswagen T2 production codes page.
Thanks Vincent.

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